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After filing the CREA case of the University of Barcelona - 27/01/17

Although no surprise, we have received with regret the communication that the Public Prosecutor’s Office has decided to close the investigation on the CREA group of the Universitat de Barcelona. The reality is that in our country there is a certain legal lack of protection against the actions of coercive groups. It is very difficult for complaints of psychological manipulation to thrive because there is no legislation to prosecute and punish such acts, and because it is almost always very difficult to provide evidence of this type of abusive behavior.

Obtaining testimonies from recent victims of psychological manipulation, ready to speak and denounce, in this case in the Prosecutor’s Office, is very difficult; And more when it is not possible to protect their identity if the cause thrives. The victims, if they finally decide to denounce, can be exposed to the pressures of these groups in the personal and professional scope, which often ends discouraging them to do so.

RedUNE considers that the fact that the case is closed by the Prosecutor’s Office does not mean that allegations of sectarian practices in the group are false, but that it has not been possible to obtain sufficient evidence and evidence to be able to act at the criminal level. The testimonies collected do not contribute new data to the investigation of 2005, but do confirm that the group’s behavior continues to persist.

From the appearance of the current news on the CREA case (June 2016) to the present day, it has been observed that the strategy of this group has been to divert attention from the complaints about its internal behavior, claiming that they are criticized for defending Victims of gender violence. With this, there has been a use of gender violence, a very serious issue, to hide its functioning. RedUNE also defends these victims, just as it does victims of psychological manipulation. In no case do we defend any stalker. Alert about cases of psychological manipulation is what leads us to denounce the practices that occur within CREA.

For all this, we ask the Rector of the University of Barcelona:
– Open an internal investigation to gather new evidence to clarify the case and take appropriate measures to put an end to these abusive practices.
– Establish effective channels for denouncing this type of behavior, as well as act decisively to this reality, following the recommendations presented by the European Federation of Research Centers and information on sectarianism to the United Nations.

In this sense, university authorities have to assume that, because something is not a crime (or can not be proven as such), it does not mean that something is tolerable or permissible in an educational and scientific institution. In other words, the file by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the aforementioned case should not lead the university authorities to close their eyes and to disregard the repeated undesirable practices of which, with data and testimony, the group has been accused.

At this moment RedUNE wants to be next to the real victims of this case, those people who suffer and have suffered psychological manipulation for being related to the group CREA. Reporting the psychological manipulation and pressures that occur within a group of the University of Barcelona is an act of courage, which should serve to prevent other people.

While waiting for the University to act in this case, we invite all affected people, directly or indirectly (family and friends of members of the group), to send us their testimonies through the following email address:

RedUNE – Network of Sectarian Prevention and Abuse of Weakness

January 27, 2017

Press release about CREA from the University of Barcelona - 15/06/16

It has recently come to the media the news of the complaints about the research group CREA of the University of Barcelona that have been put in hands of the public prosecutor’s office.

To that effect, we want to establish that RedUNE’s psychologists specialized in cults have received several cases of people affected by sectarian behaviors suffered in this group.

No matter the purposes of CREA, presented to society as a research center oriented towards the fight against inequality, some of the people who have been part of the group have been affected severely by their operating structure and internal dynamics.

Dynamics that go far beyond individual freedoms, as meddling in the love life habits of the people who are part of the group, friendly relations being controlled as well. All this was combined with a coercive conditioning associated with obtaining scholarships, potential access to prestigious universities and, on the other hand, under the risk of the highest academic ostracism in case of dissention.

We won’t discuss the correctness or incorrectness of the supposedly scientific assumptions that defends the group, but we want to point out that the group continually refers to research projects and dynamics of internal operations endorsed by the international scientific community. These premises serve them as a creed and hook to attract people in the university environment. Mainly, to students who want to participate in transformative experiences and perceived as a theoretically favorable to their professional development environment.

As far as we are concerned, the abuse of the state of vulnerability, coupled with an objective finding of injury of several affected, whose speech is consistent, moves us to declare openly that the research center CREA harbours inadmissible sectarian practices within it.

In order to address and support to anyone affected by CREA we have created the following address:

RedUNE – Network for prevention of cults and abuse of weakness

15 June 2016