Scientific Criticism

This section contains links to documents that are critical of the scientific qualities of the CREA research group.


The universal scientific community or “I cook and I eat it.” The case of CREA University of Barcelona
Ana Ayuste, Mª Ángeles Cabeza, Àlex Caramé, Oriol García-Alzórriz, Fernando López, Jordi Lleras and Jaume Trilla

This paper discuss two issues concerning CREA that have appeared in the media: its supposed unique operation and also alleged, scientific excellence. We refer to analysis of the book “Amistad deseada. Aportaciones de Jesús Gómez y Ramón Flecha que están acercando la realidad a nuestros sueños” (“Friendship. Contributions of Jesus Gomez and Ramon Flecha are approaching our dreams reality”). This is a book from CREA that we believe is representative of the level of scientific and intellectual quality of many other publications from this group, but has a very special added interest because it deals with the life and miracles of two important characters in this center: Ramón Flecha its founder and leader; and his friend, Jesus Gomez, who died in 2006. The book aims to show how very productive for science, education and humanity this friendship was.


From information to knowledge… but seriously
Mariano Fernández-Enguita

Increasing accessibility to mass data and international academic and professional research, coupled with the growth of knowledge within the teaching profession, gives the educator the practical imperative to ‘separate the wheat from the chaff’ and the researcher the moral imperative to present their findings at fair value. This study examines the landscape of information overload then focuses on two attempts to synthesise international results of scientific research, “Visible Learning” and “successful performances in European schools”. The contrast between these reveals the tension between science and ideology.


Three criticisms of the Ramón Flecha Learning Communities project
José Luis Coronado


Response to the debate on Twitter with Ramón Flecha
José Luis Coronado